The HttpDeflateStream class

Class synopsis

HttpDeflateStream {
public void HttpDeflateStream::__construct ([ int $flags = 0 ] )
public HttpDeflateStream HttpDeflateStream::factory ([ int $flags = 0 [, string $class_name = 'HttpDeflateStream' ]] )
public string HttpDeflateStream::finish ([ string $data ] )
public string HttpDeflateStream::flush ([ string $data ] )
public string HttpDeflateStream::update ( string $data )

Class Members

Predefined Constants

Type Name Description
int TYPE_GZIP gzip encoding
int TYPE_ZLIB zlib AKA deflate encoding
int TYPE_RAW raw deflate encoding
int LEVEL_DEF default compression level
int LEVEL_MIN minimum compression level
int LEVEL_MAX maximum compression level
int STRATEGY_DEF default strategy
int STRATEGY_FILT filtered strategy
int STRATEGY_HUFF Huffman strategy
int STRATEGY_RLE RLE strategy
int STRATEGY_FIXED fixed strategy
int FLUSH_NONE no forced flush
int FLUSH_SYNC synching flush
int FLUSH_FULL full flush


Example #1 A HttpDeflateStream example

= new HttpDeflateStream(
HttpDeflateStream::TYPE_GZIP |
HttpDeflateStream::LEVEL_MAX |


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